Novel Review – Her Viking Heart By Heidi Herman


“Her Viking Heart” from Heidi Herman is actually a compelling story about love, loss, betrayal and redemption, as one woman discovers a family secret that affects everything she has ever known.

After Anna Miller’s daddy is murdered over two decades following the death of her mother, Anna finds herself lonely in the world. Moving back into her house home, Anna gets got the tough undertaking of sorting through and packing her up parents’ possessions. When she comes across several cryptic records within her dad’s study she’s baffled but intrigued. Depending to finish the investigation her father started, Anna embarks on the journey that could carry her back several productions ever into WWII. As she starts to unveil the mystery around her family members, her research carries her to a smalltown in Wyoming. It is inside this town she meets with a handsome rancher named Logan Harris, waking feelings which have not lurks in her at quite a long moment. Since Anna gets closer to discovering the truth about her family secrets, she realizes that it could possibly be at the cost of her private delights.

It’s been a time because I’ve read such an enchanting story. The plot-line, the settings, the characters – that I found all the weather to be equally satisfying. It is a wellbalanced storyline with tons of developments which proceed the story constantly ahead, together with surprise ends construction expectation and just the suitable sum of drama, romance, and intrigue to continue to keep readers participated.

The figures are simple to relate with and truly feel actual inside their functions as well as also situations. I experienced an immediate pull towards Anna – her emotions skipping off the pages because she is forced to address issues you may not even imagine unless they’re in these shoes. Her character caused the mama bear instinct as I vacillated between needing to give her that kind of hug simply a mum could provide and wanting to take more and fix things because of her! Perhaps not that she needed one to correct anything due to her. Capable, strong and resilient, I thoroughly experienced investing in Anna, standing inside her corner and rooting her as she unraveled the puzzle. I particularly thrilled in seeing her evolve across the narrative, as she tickles the things that were crucial in her entire life.

“Her Viking Heart” could be your very first story I have read by Heidi Herman,” nonetheless nevertheless, it won’t be the final. She’s an all organic story teller readily transporting the reader to some other time and place. This was such a fun read, and I highly recommend it to fans of contemporary fiction together with parts of subtle love, a very good mystery to resolve enough twists and turns to continue to keep viewers on the toes.

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